RMS TCURMS hydraulic transverse cutting units can be used for demolition, dredging, excavation and planing, they can be easily attached to any excavator or backhoe. Our rockwheels provide versatility, flexibility and reliability and have a proven lifecycle in even the harshest environments. One of the few OEM quality cutting units on the market today.

Our rockwheels are designed to integrate noise cancellation technology, and as such, these rockwheels are relatively quiet and vibration is mimimised. There are a number of advantages to this, and our clients report RMS units can extend the lifespan of host vehicles in comparison with a conventional hydraulic hammer.

If you would like case study examples in relation to the performance of our rockwheels and suitability for your machinery, we would be happy to discuss this with you. Industry commentators have recognised our innovative designs in a series of feature articles. In particular, the development of our boom-mounted transverse cutting unit (TCU) with a rotary hydraulic cutting head, which is designed for a multitude of applications.

As an example of our technology, this head will easily cut through soft rock, sandstones, limestone, concrete and asphalt. On harder materials the unit can grind and scalCuttere surfaces to a uniform finish.

RMS cutting units are individually sized, ranging from 30-120kw to suit most applications. Our Rockwheel range is suitable for use in the following environments and applications:

– Tunnelling

– Building Renovation

– Shaft Sinking

– Roadwork

– Demolition

– Frozen Ground

– Tree Stumps

Our consultants can discuss your project scenario with you and ensure the correct rotary cutter is chosen in terms of size, rock type, or operating environment. The ideal output torque and weight of the host machinery are key factors in this selection. RMS transverse cutting units are also suitable for civil engineering projects. Indeed, our TCUs are more efficient and economical in trenching applications than conventional breakers.

Please contact us for purchase or hire options. We will be pleased to discuss this with you.