RMSTunnelling Machinery

RMS Tunnelling Machinery Division manufacture and supply heavy-duty underground equipment. With vast experience, unique designs, and a proven ability to deliver bespoke solutions to our clients, RMS offers a wide range of machinery focused on the needs of mining and tunnelling projects worldwide. Industry leading after-sales service and parts support, ensures our clients experience a coherent end-to-end solution throughout the lifecycle of the machinery.

TunnellingRMS offers a full range of equipment, machinery and spares designed specifically to meet the needs of mining and tunnelling projects worldwide, regardless of the environment. Our range includes diesel powered trackless mining machinery and related equipment, including scoop loaders, dump trucks, scalers, shotcrete machines and purpose built geological sampling and analysing machines.

Our reputation is built on delivering the very best in after-sales service and parts, through our partner network, ensuring your project can be delivered on time.

Industry Leading Service

Satisfied customers are the backbone of our business and our success over the years can be explained simply. Our ability to provide reliable, bespoke equipment, designed to suit the needs of each individual client and supported with industry-leading warranties, really sets us apart from the competition.


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